Studies and texts

Superior tolerance of heme iron

Frykman et al 1994

J Lab Clin Med 1994; 123.561-4


Frykman et al:
"The study demonstates that a low-dose iron supplement containing both heme iron and non-heme-iron (Hemofer) has fewer side effects when compared with an equipotent, traditional non-heme iron supplement."

OptiFerĀ® heme iron supplement. A randomized intervention study
for tolerability and effect on iron status.

Abstract: Hoppe et al

"Studies show that heme iron is absorbed considerably better tha non-heme iron.. Moreover, heme iron has been shown to cause fewer side effects."

Iron supplementation in pregnancy: Is less enough

Eskeland et al. 1997

Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand

1997; 76: 822, 828

"A daily dose of iron, containing a heme component prevents depletion.. An equivalent dose of pure inorganic iron seems less effective.."

Heme iron. The natural way of iron supplementation.

Everything you need to know about heme iron. Ed 1.3

Michael Collan 2013


"Bovine and porcine hemoglobin in food supplement tablets have been in use in Scandinavia since the 1970-ies. No serious side effects have ever been reported and no cases of poisoning in literally millions of users."

Effects of low-dose iron supplementation

Fogelhol et al. 1994

Eur J Clin Nutr 1994; 48: 753-756

"The low-dose organic/inorganic supplement used..had positive effects on iron status in women.. Effects were comparable to high-dose inorganic supplementation."

Hoppe et al. heme-iron based dietary intervention for improvement of iron status in

young women.

Hoppe et al.2012

Nutrition 2012 Aug 27

"Conventional iron deficiency treatment with pharmacologic iron doses often causes side effects. Heme iron has high bioavailability and a low capacity to cause gastrointestinal side effects."

Iron supplementation improves appetite and growth in anemic Kenyan primary school children.

Lawless et al. 1994

J Nutr 124: 645-654 1994

"We conclude from this research that provision of iron supplements to anemic Kenyan primary school children resulted in improved growth and improved appetite as compared with children receiving placebo capsules."

Kvinner og jernmangel - et problem?

Borch-Johnsen et al 1989

Tidsskr No Laegefor 19-20-21 1989; 109, 1990-5

"The trial showed that Vitalia heme iron gave an increase in serum ferritin on a group basis significantly larger than the increase for the Floradix formula."

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The OptiFerĀ® Series of original Heme-Iron products are made in Sweden under full HACCP quality standards.


I have a number of patients that have taken heme iron preparations for years. They have kept a satisfactory iron balance without the unfortunately all-too-common side effects that are often associated with iron preparations.

Dr. Lars Ehn, MD.  

Dietary-based treatment containing heme iron has few side effects and can be used efficiently to improve the iron status of women of reproductive age.

Hoppe et al. Nutrition. 2012  

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